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About Marcus

Marcus is a Bedford based award winning filmmaker. Born and bred in Blackpool, he has a dynamic comedic style with a great understanding of performance due to his previous acting training (3 years at East 15 Acting School) allowing him to continually get solid and believable performances from cast members of all ages. Below is a short summary about Marcus' film work, career and what is coming up in the future. 


After graduation in 2005, Marcus began Directing and Editing music videos for small independent bands and artists. It was from there Marcus learned many of his filmmaking skills before working for a wedding videography company for a few years. It was here where he honed his editing and camera craft under immense pressure and time constraints.

Since 2010 Marcus has been working as a Director, Shooting PD and Content Creator making short films, documentaries, mini series for TV & online whilst having an array of other viral works amassing millions of hits on digital platforms. In recent years Marcus has worked with some large brands like Bank of America, Mumsnet, Gatwick Airport, Vanish and Finish to name a few.

Marcus' creative projects have won various awards across the globe including most recently collecting a SOFIE award in New York City for the short film After Eric: Part of That World and several awards for online series Chuggers including a nomination for Outstanding Director.


Alongside documentaries, branded content and his own creative work, Marcus also finds time to produce Hellraiser Boxing's TV content which is screened on Channel 4's KOTV show. This also screens in countries across the globe. 

In July 2019 Marcus latest work with the South Central Ambulance service highlighting how to deal with Acid attacks was featured on BBC South Today. 



In the next twelve months, Marcus is heading back to Blackpool to Direct several new projects with local talent. Working with three different writers and content creators there are a number of projects in development and pre production and if you are from Blackpool or the local area and would like to get involved, please do get in touch with Marcus, he would love to hear from you. 

Get in touch with Marcus directly via email or phone. 07789 647637 or

Marcus J. Richardson filmmaker
Marcus J Richardson Director
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